School Site Licence details

MATHSprint and MATHSprintPLUS Site Licence details

A MATHSprint(PLUS) Site Licence allows all teaching staff of the named institution to use MATHSprint(PLUS) both on site and at home for the duration of the licence. Worksheets produced by MATHSprint(PLUS) are for the sole use of students attending the named institution. An unlimited number of pdf worksheets may be printed, saved, emailed and published on the named institution's Intranet or VLE.

Two varieties of School Site Licence may be purchased.

An Annual Site Licence applies for one year following email receipt of the licence key.

A Permanent Site Licence has no expiry date and applies indefinitely.

[We do not offer an individual teacher licence. Our Annual Tutor Licence is invalid in a school setting, being intended for private one-to-one tutors and parents only with all worksheets marked 'not for school use'.]

Note that worksheets and solutions produced by MATHSprint(PLUS) may not be published commercially (whether electronically or as a hard copy) without the express permission of Transfinite Research. If you are a publisher, please contact us for a publishing licence.

IMPORTANT: MATHSprint and MATHSprintPLUS require a computer running Windows 7 or later. This includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 but not Linux or Mac operating systems. We recommend that you check that the free demo versions run correctly before purchasing a site licence.

Purchase a site licence

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MATHSprint [GCSE] Annual Site Licence: MATHSprintPLUS [A Level] Annual Site Licence: MATHSprint [GCSE] Permanent Site Licence: MATHSprintPLUS [A Level] Permanent Site Licence: £179.00 £179.00 £899.00 £899.00
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IMPORTANT: Please include the Head of Department's contact email address for delivery of your licence.