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MATHSprint and MATHSprintPLUS Private Tutor / Tuition Company Annual Licence details
Not valid for use in a school setting

A MATHSprint[PLUS] Tutor Licence allows a private tutor, parent or tuition company to download and use MATHSprint[PLUS] for the duration of the licence. Worksheets produced by MATHSprint[PLUS] are for the sole use of students of the named tutor or tutor company / extended family members of the named parent.

Two varieties of Annual Tutor Licence may be purchased.

A Private Tutor Licence for parents and individual private one-to-one tutors only. Worksheets produced by MATHSprint[PLUS] are for the sole use of one-to-one students of the named tutor / extended family members of the named parent.

A Tuition Company Site Licence is required if you offer predominantly group tutoring or are purchasing on behalf of a tutoring company or franchise. This licence is valid for up to five tutors operating from the same geographical location (whether face-to-face or online tuition). It does not cover multiple branches of the same company or franchise and you are not permitted to publish worksheets on your website such that they are publicly accessible.

Note that worksheets and solutions produced by MATHSprint[PLUS] may not be published commercially (whether electronically or as a hard copy) without the express permission of Transfinite Research. If you are a publisher, please contact us for a publishing licence.

Both Tutor Licences are invalid in a school setting, being reserved for use by tutors and parents only; all worksheets are marked 'not for school use'. Schools, colleges and academies should purchase a school site licence instead.

IMPORTANT: MATHSprint and MATHSprintPLUS require a computer running Windows 7 or later. This includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 but not Linux or Mac operating systems. We recommend that you check that the free demo versions run correctly before purchasing a licence.

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